In today’s busy world, it’s vital to reset & replenish. Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit with Reaya, an experienced energy healer.


Discover your inner wisdom, get in touch with what you love and who you want to be. Find and become your authentic and empowered self through Reaya's personal or group soul readings. 

Learn to listen to your inner voice to live your life with joy on all levels.  


Maintaining health and wellness at work is vital for productivity, employee engagement and the prevention of burnout.

Reaya can come to your office space, bring colleagues together, revitalise and bring positive energy into the workplace. Packages depend on individual requirements. 


Combining reiki and spiritual guidance, energetic healing is intended to activate the natural healing processes of the body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

You will feel Reaya's healing instantly, through improved clarity, relaxation and the deep nature of your sleep.


Join the healing circle to meditate and share spiritual techniques with others. Interact, meditate, read cards and nourish your soul with others in an intimate setting.  

Sessions are held monthly, find out more here. 

Reaya is a natural healer with decades of experience practising reiki, guided readings and mindfulness. She connects from the heart, and her spiritual practice allows people to open themselves up to endless opportunities. 

Helping others is something that has always come naturally to Reaya, she considers it a privilege to share her spiritual practice. Whether its heart chakra re-connective healing, reiki, spiritual healing, soul pulling, tarot cards, dream interpretation or energy clearings. With a true sense of compassion and gratitude, she is able to bring people into the present and reconnect them with their true purpose. 

Self-taught at a young age, she has studied and fine-tuned her practice for years, and learnt from many teachers and guides along the way. Healing is her life’s calling, she understands the beauty of living one’s purpose through listening to our inner guide. She has a natural talent for working with clients to identify their path. 

For Reaya, her daily practice starts off with gentle yoga followed by meditation. This allows her to centre herself and tune into her energy and daily purpose. 

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